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LES SunShares Project

Morrissey Engineering's proposal to Lincoln Electric System (LES) for large-scale solar development in the Lincoln area has been selected for final consideration based on LES's analysis of project technical and economic viability. LES issued a request for proposals that would allow the electric utility to offer an affordable opportunity for all LES customers to be involved in the development of local solar-electric installation of a size not currently seen in the region. As part of LES's larger solar initiatives intended to stimulate new renewable energy development that provides value to all customers, LES is pursuing this "community solar" program as a way to optimize project size, location, and economic factors while diversifying is renewable energy portfolio and allowing participation at interest-based levels.

Morrissey Engineering believes there are many reason to be promoting solar energy produced with photovoltaic panels. Among the more practical reasons are 20-years or more of predictably priced energy due to the eliminated sensitivity to fuel input costs, energy produced at or near times when customer demand is greatest, a renewable energy source friendly with populated areas, and a step toward meeting forthcoming EPA emission reduction requirements.

We are excited to be among the short list of proposals being held while LES moves into a marketing and customer sign-up phase of this project. With LES customer participation driving the amount of solar that will be installed, now is the time for Lincoln area customers to get excited and consider what ownership in LES "SunShares" might mean to them. Look for more news from LES on this program in the coming weeks.