UNO Henningson Memorial Plaza Campanile

UNO Henningson Memorial Plaza Campanile

Built in 1989, the Henningson Memorial Campanile is an iconic centerpiece of University of Nebraska at Omaha’s campus. The tower was previously illuminated by HPS floodlights resulting in poor color rendering and uniformity. High-dynamic-range imaging was performed to measure existing luminance levels and determine a baseline criteria for the new lighting.



  • New floodlights - roof-mounted  
  • All building-mounted lights
  • Pole-mounted floodlights with cross-baffled snoots 
  • RGBW floodlights 
  • Colors are programmed
  • Uplights at the tower base
  • A custom fascia was designed
  • Direct-view luminaires 
  • LED sources were utilized to reduce energy consumption and maintenance
  • Precise optics with glare control devices mitigate spill light
  • Control is sequenced between six independent lighting control systems and extinguished to preserve the night sky




Omaha, Nebraska

Completion Date

Fall 2015