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Unique Benefits of Our Team

Morrissey Engineering has earned our reputation as being the best and most experienced commissioning firm in the Midwest. 

Speed of Delivery – A large part of commissioning activities occur at the end of the construction period. With immediate access to design professionals and face to face collaboration, we are best able to use the knowledge of the entire design team to minimize communications delays and assist with timely closeouts. This results in less frustration and more real, meaningful and action-oriented work being accomplished. With a complete team of designers, engineers and administrative staff, we produce the highest quality of operations documentation specific to each project.

Lowest cost of services with highest value – On projects where we are the engineers of record, we have allocated time for engineering activities occurring during construction. Some of those activities are related to construction observation site visits and punch lists. Commissioning is so much more than just generation of construction quality items found on punch lists; however, there is often overlap. Thus, we can provide lower overall fees compared to other commissioning entities. Our depth of understanding of the project by design professionals allows our commissioning team to use the projects energy model, Revit model and more to fine tune your facility for maximum performance. Our commissioning services have demonstrated payback periods under 2 years, max.

Field-focused issue resolution – The goal of our commissioning services is the same thing every owner and member of the design team wants - improved performance. While many commissioning processes focus on paperwork, our ideal goal is a “non-issues” log. Items that were corrected in the field by subcontractors, during our site walkthroughs, in cooperation with our field-experienced commissioning agents. By providing the missing layer of coordination between subcontractors for increasingly complicated buildings with layers of technology and integration, we save time and increase profitability for the design team and general contractor.

Owner training and Operations Support – At project completion, we want to assist in owner on-boarding and handoff. Beyond that, we offer ongoing support for thinly-stretched building maintenance staff and operators (see Building Optimization services). But before subcontractors leave the jobsite, our commissioning providers coordinate and oversee training that surpasses the requirements of typical project specifications. Modeled after the Enhanced Commissioning requirements of the LEED rating system, we assist the design team with incorporating training requirements into the bid package, and then follow-through with training oversight through construction and a minimum of one 10-month warranty review.

With decades of combined practical experience in design, construction, and operation of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems, our commissioning services can be customized to provide appropriate guidance, testing, and documentation for the facility operational staff based on client needs.


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