Building enclosure commissioning (BECx) provides a process for independent verification that the installed performance of the building envelope meets or exceeds design intent set out in the Construction Documents.

This process establishes requirements for non-structural enclosure components – floors, walls, glazing, and roofs, to prevent uncontrolled air and water infiltration and ensure assemblies are technically sound, durable, and serviceable for the lifetime of the building. As part of the BECx process, the materials, components, systems, and assemblies that comprise the above and below-grade building exterior enclosure will be evaluated and tested beginning with design review and through construction. For these reasons, it is critical that building envelope commissioning begin early and in parallel with architectural design.

Example Scope of Services:

  • Design Analysis:
    • Review and comment on architectural design details and specifications
    • Specification of BECx procedures for construction documents
    • Building thermal modeling using computer software
  • Performance Verification:
    • Review of envelope-related product submittals during construction
    • Site visits to verify assembly components are installed properly
    • Onsite testing of roofs, windows, wall assemblies
    • Infrared imaging of envelope components
    • Supervise mockup assembly and perform preliminary tests as required
    • Work with contractors to correct issues discovered