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Educator Outreach

Teachers every day inspire our future generations to think big. Shaping a student’s path, sparking an interest and passion may impact a students’ field of study in college and could shape the career they may pursue. Opening a young adult’s mind to the possibilities of STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math is a journey that we at Morrissey Engineering, would like to explore with you.

Helping you feel as equipped as possible is our passion and we have developed a variety of programs to make this connection to STEM easier for educators.

Classroom Initiatives

You know what interests your students to engage in STEM topics, so let us know what you need and we will be there to help create a custom learning program.

Call us for an engineer’s assistance as

  • Classroom presenter
  • Mentor
  • Competition judge
  • Panel participant
  • Career awareness days or career fairs
  • STEM related summer camp

Let us know how we can foster students’ understanding of STEM-related careers.

Reach out to us today by emailing Alicia Glesne at aglesne@morrisseyengineering.com or calling 402-491-4144

Group Tour

This program is setup for a larger group of students to learn about mechanical and electrical engineering for buildings. The program allows students to gain exposure to STEM related careers without overwhelming them with too much information. The guided instruction can help your students see real-world application of classroom instruction.

  • Schedule a session at any time throughout the school year for groups up to 20 individuals.
  • Your group will be separated into groups of three to five. Each group will spend 10 minutes at a station learning about a specific career path, then jump to the next station.
  • Station topics include mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines, drafting, technology, lighting, LEED Design, Energy Assessments, and Renewable Energy. Depending on the size of the group, students may also learn about job shadowing and internships.
  • To schedule a group tour, email Alicia Glesne at aglesne@morrisseyengineering.com or call 402-491-4144

While you are here, schedule some time for yourself. Job shadowing isn’t just for students. Your students look to you for advice on majors and careers, so we want you to feel as equipped as possible to answer their questions. On your shadowing experience, you will interact with engineers and other professionals to gain a better understanding of the daily tasks for engineers. (We promise not to put you to work.) Schedule a visit at any time throughout the year by contacting Alicia Glesne at aglesne@Morrisseyengineering.com or call 402-491-4144