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Energy Assessments

At Morrissey Engineering, we believe that the energy performance of a building is the legacy we leave as engineers. Achieving maximum energy efficiency begins at project conception and continues throughout the building process and beyond.

Our experienced staff uses enhanced control and monitoring designs to optimize your building's performance while maintaining user controllability through system selection and integration. Our building automation system designs will help you closely monitor your building systems' performance and track building energy usage and efficiency throughout your building's lifetime.

Morrissey Engineering is committed to designing energy-efficient buildings that meet ENERGY STAR certification requirements and the Architecture 2030 challenge.

Our energy assessment services include:

  • Building energy audits to comply with ASHRAE procedures (Levels I, II, and III)
  • Professional engineer services for ENERGY STAR building certification
  • ENERGY STAR benchmarking in Portfolio Manager
  • Savings and cost analyses for identified potential capital improvement projects
  • Utility rebate program designs and project implementation