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Morrissey Engineering designs innovative electrical engineering systems that provide superior reliability and energy efficiency for various customer needs, from significant complex developments to remodels and small-scale projects.

Our electrical engineers have experience and particular expertise in technology-intensive projects. We integrate the most advanced technologies, such as generators and uninterruptable power sources, to achieve unmatched system integrity and redundancy.

We also have extensive experience designing medium voltage power distribution systems and substation designs for various clientele. Committed to finding effective, creative, and affordable solutions, our staff will work closely with you to develop long-term relationships that allow us to meet your needs as you change and grow. This includes new electrical systems and upgrades to existing low and medium-power voltage systems designed to maximize your building's energy performance.

Our staff includes a team of lighting designers who create progressive and inspiring lighting designs that will enliven and enhance your building's interior and exterior environments. We are one of the few engineering consultant firms in Omaha, Nebraska, that uses a high-tech digital lighting control system that incorporates daylight harvesting and energy conservation strategies to minimize a building's energy usage and meets LEED certification requirements.

Our range of electrical engineering services include:

  • Mission critical systems design that provide uninterruptible and standby power, system reliability, and redundancy, including Internet hosting facilities and data center design
  • Lighting system design, including selection of fixtures, daylighting strategies, and control systems
  • Power distribution systems design
  • Telecommunications design
  • Lightning protection
  • Special systems such as fire alarms, nurse calls, office paging, interfacing audiovisual, Internet, and videoconferencing
  • Security systems that incorporate everything from card readers, biometric readers, cameras, and intrusion detection
  • Short Circuit, Protective Device Selective Coordination, and Arc Flash Hazard Analysis studies