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Morrissey Engineering has a dedicated staff of lighting designers who provide innovative lighting solutions for all project types. From initial design concepts to assisting with final aiming, Morrissey Engineering provides expertise at all stages of the lighting design process.

We understand the critical role that lighting has as an integral part of the architectural story. This belief is echoed in our work by striving to create solutions that seamlessly integrate space and light. Our designs often form their basis in a central design concept derived from understanding the architectural vision and client aspirations. By engaging the entire design team, feedback reaches a coherent vision that embodies the project's identity.

Lighting is often seen only as a technical necessity; however, lighting can also be used to improve the overall architectural experience. Lighting applied in various techniques can transform a space and ultimately add value to a project. Direct value may include energy savings, improved productivity, or increased sales. The indirect value may be a better learning environment, an ideal worship atmosphere, or an enhanced sense of well-being. Whether by utilizing streetscape lighting to strengthen the pedestrian feel of a shopping district, using light to reinforce corporate branding, or creating an intimate dining atmosphere, our lighting designers possess knowledge of the techniques and architectural integration necessary to achieve the design vision.

Our firm is dedicated to sustainable design practices such as lighting control solutions, energy-efficient light sources, and daylight integration. However, we believe that lighting quality should not be sacrificed for energy consumption; creativity is required to strike a balance between the two. A studio-based approach allows us to leverage the collective expertise of our team to unite lighting and architecture skillfully. We develop and deliver solutions that achieve the design intent while fulfilling pragmatic requirements such as energy efficiency, budgets, and long-term maintenance. The results are lighting systems that seamlessly blend the art and science of lighting.

Our lighting design services include:

  • Architectural lighting design
  • Exterior and streetscape lighting
  • Daylighting planning and analysis
  • Lighting calculations
  • Photorealistic renderings
  • Custom luminaire design
  • Mock-ups and in-field aiming
  • Master planning and campus standards

Featured lighting experience: