First National Bank Tower Re-light

First National Bank Tower Re-light

Morrissey Engineering provided lighting design services for First National Bank’s 45-floor tower located in downtown Omaha. Originally constructed in 2002, the lighting system had greatly deteriorated. This gave the design team the opportunity to preserve the identity of the tower while improving aesthetics, reducing energy consumption and resolving maintenance issues that had plagued the tower.



  • High-dynamic-range imaging 
  • Photometric calculations
  • Full-scale mockups for optics, lensing, and offsets from the building
  • Illumination of 20 stories of façade with luminaires
  • Six 18-degree beam spreads 
  • Color-consistency and uniformity were greatly improved
  • Controls extinguish the lighting at midnight to preserve the night sky, but returns prior to the morning commute
  • The design solution substantially decreased maintenance and met budget requirements 


This project won a 2016 IES Illumination Award of Merit





Omaha, Nebraska

Completion Date