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At Morrissey Engineering, we utilize the most advanced technologies to provide mechanical solutions tailored to your needs.

Using a holistic approach to engineering design, we collaborate with other disciplines to develop high-performance solutions that integrate with your current systems and deliver long-term savings. 

We pride ourselves in our comprehensive construction documents that achieve a smooth and seamless integration of engineering, architectural, and other construction services. Our attention to detail ensures all work is performed according to local codes and standards. Upon completion of the project, we will continue to work with our clients long-term to ensure your facilities operate with maximum efficiency and performance.

Our mechanical services include:

  • HVAC systems designed for air delivery, equipment, chilled water, heated water, steam glycol, and refrigeration
  • Water source heat pump systems, including geothermal, boiler/tower, open loop, and hybrid systems
  • Unitary packaged air-conditioning equipment
  • Chiller, boiler, and tower systems
  • Plumbing system designs for domestic, gray, sanitary, and stormwater systems.
  • Medical gas, compressed air, and other utility systems
  • Fire protection systems of all types, in compliance with NFPA and Factory Mutual
  • Central plant utility distribution systems, including chilled water, steam, and high-temperature hot water
  • Building automation systems using open and proprietary protocols
  • Medical gas systems for facilities ranging from small clients to large hospitals
  • Ventilation systems for parking garages and a variety of commercial and industrial facilities
  • Air handling systems ranging from small packaged equipment to large, customized systems
  • Variable refrigerant volume systems