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Renewable Energy

Recognizing its growing value in enhancing energy-efficient and sustainable designs, Morrissey Engineering has taken a leading role in integrating renewable energy systems into the designs of new and existing facilities.

Our staff includes individuals with unique expertise in systems that capture energy from renewable sources such as sunlight, wind, and underground heat (geothermal energy). Our 4940 Building, designed by Morrissey Engineering staff in Omaha, Nebraska, includes solar and geothermal systems that have contributed to a 40 percent savings in utilities. 

Whether your interest in renewable energy comes from a desire to offset the effects of distributed power production (burning of coal, transmission inefficiency), gain independence from the electrical grid, realize energy cost savings, or ensure energy cost stability moving into the future, Morrissey Engineering can identify and design an appropriate renewable energy system for you.

We begin by helping you establish your needs and goals by answering the following questions:

  • What are the economic requirements that must be met for my project to be successful?
  • How important are the aesthetics and display components of my system(s)?
  • Has energy efficiency (such as higher efficiency equipment and advanced lighting control systems) been maximized at my site?
  • Do I want my facility to have no electric utility connection? If I have a utility connection, do I expect my renewable energy system to operate during a power outage?

Morrissey Engineering is an ENERGY STAR partner and one of the state's most experienced LEED consulting engineering firms.