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There's a new house on Country Club Road

By Cindy Gonzalez / World-Herald staff writer

There’s a new house on Country Club Road, or so it might appear to the casual observer.

But visitors, beware: Arms are swinging and hard balls are flying inside this 2,500-square-foot brick structure recently erected on the east end of the Omaha Country Club, 6900 Country Club Road.

Designed to be neighbor-friendly by blending in with surrounding homes, the building is the OCC’s private indoor training facility, set to open officially this month at the 115-year-old member-only club.

Jon Davis, OCC general manager, said the project aligns with a trend among country clubs that favors state-of-the-art amenities beyond the traditional golf course.

“Learning facilities like this certainly are tracking upward, and we knew that,” he said.

Under the cedar-shingled roof are four hitting bays that on warm days can open to the existing practice range.

“When the garage doors are closed, you hit into a net,” said Davis.

Sophisticated electronic equipment captures detail about a golfer’s swing or the flight of the ball and projects data onto screens.

Golf professionals can analyze the data to help a member adjust his swing or make better contact with the ball, said Tom Sieckmann, director of golf instruction.

A putting deck and surfaces with different degrees of slope also are available for those taking a lesson or practicing on their own.

Interior walls showcase photos of the 2013 U.S. Senior Open, which was hosted by the country club, and pictures of Creighton University golf teams, which will practice at the training center.