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USGBC's LEED Dynamic Plaque Migrates to Arc

When the LEED Dynamic Plaque was first released in 2014, Morrissey Engineering’s 4940 Building became one of the first 50 projects globally to implement this new performance technology tracking tool. 

And now, in the fall of 2016, the Dynamic Plaque can be considered the first generation of an idea being realized as the Arc Platform, a new implementation tool intended to measure performance, make improvements and benchmark against other projects. 

As we move to this new platform, MEI has been in touch with representatives at USGBC and GBCI and can help answer any questions our clients have about this new sustainability tracking tool.  Arc is intended as a compliment to LEED and other green building rating systems like WELL, GRESB, SITES, PEER and more. 

Arc Skoru Inc., as the organization is officially known, was created by GBCI to make USGBC, GBCI and their partners’ visions a reality by connecting people all over the world to actions and inspiring them to make the most informed decisions. 

Now with the Dynamic Plaque being implemented by hundreds of buildings globally, Morrissey Engineering is proud to announce that we have maintained our office’s Platinum rating range over the course of the last two years, with minor performance fluctuations recognized in real-time on the live graphics feed for the project.

Any project, including buildings, neighborhoods, communities or even cities, can pay a $1,200 registration fee for the Arc platform and can immediately begin entering the required data to obtain a performance score. Projects which have earned LEED certification can continue to use Arc to track and improve for 5 years without a fee.

More FAQ’s on Arc can be found here: We’d also love to talk about our experience, or help answer any questions you have. Contact us at