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Morrissey Engineering runs on 100% Green Power

 While traditional electric generation is less expensive than Green Power, there are many environmental and economic advantages to using renewable energy. Green electricity products reduce the air pollution impacts of electricity generation by relying on renewable energy sources and their responsible implementation.
Morrissey Engineering, Inc (MEI) has recently entered into an annual agreement with OPPD to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset 100% of the all-electric 4940 building's power usage from renewable sources. RECs are tradable commodities representing proof that a unit of electricity was generated from a renewable energy resource (as defined by the US Green Building Council). This means that all energy consumed in the 4940 building is offset by that amount of renewable energy output to the grid.

Previously, MEI purchased RECs for 46.7% of predicted energy use from OPPD via Clean Energy Brokerage for a contract period of 2 years to meet the USGBC LEED credit for Green Power (EAc6). When that contract expired, the leadership team at MEI committed to offsetting all of the company headquarters' electricity usage through support of off-site renewable energy, to supplement the renewable energy generated and used on-site by a 5.5kW photovoltaic system and a 4.5 kW vertical axis wind turbine.