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Morrissey Engineering selected as an Energy Evaluator for the reEnergize Program

Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s BetterBuildings Program, the reEnergize Program is a collaborative effort between the cities of Omaha and Lincoln to build energy smart communities. The program sets out to complete energy evaluations on a total of 263 commercial and nonprofit buildings and make energy upgrades on 3,193 residences throughout the five stages of the program. Morrissey Engineering was selected to participate as an Energy Evaluator for commercial buildings on this project and has recently been awarded our first bundle of projects.

Each building evaluation will generate a final Energy Evaluation Report that includes a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to reduce energy consumption.

Over the three-year span of the grant, the reEnergize Program intends to grow to allow owners of all building types access to a streamlined process, financing opportunities, and a qualified workforce for energy-efficiency services. With this opportunity, the reEnergize Program will serve as a catalyst, intending to build consumer demand and contractor supply for energy-saving building improvements and to reduce energy use in local buildings.

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